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QR Code

A QR Code, or Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by smartphones and other dedicated QR readers. The QR Code can be encoded to display text, link to a website, play video, and open a PDF.

QR Code technology can provide another strategy for enticing new customers and increasing loyalty from existing customers. QR Codes add a new level of engagement between your marketing mediums and your customer. Applications include the company website, printed material, email, and promotional products.

Want to use QR Code as a way to distribute coupons? Rotating coupons, web-links, or content every month or year, can be made easy by letting Formscorp build your QR Code. We can change the web content of the same QR Code without having to reprint the product every time. Contact us to learn more about all the exciting possibilities of using QR Codes in your marketing program.

Bar Codes, and RFID Systems

An integrated bar code system tightens inventory control, improves document tracking and interacts with all asset management capabilities as a sound data collection system.

Formscorp has access to a full line of the most advanced bar coding hardware, printers, online labeling systems, scanners and software to integrate your system. We can also provide RFID solutions - asset tracking and management location, movement, status and more.

We have applications that include but are not limited to photo ID systems, point of purchase, manufacturing, inventory control, health care, document management, retail, and extreme condition systems.

Formscorp has the technology for your solutions.

Formscorp, a member of IBSA, is a supplier of
RFID solutions for Novation and Premier, Inc.