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Document Management & Warehousing

Formscorp can reduce your overall costs through customer specific warehousing, inventory control and the design and function of your forms. Our goal is to identify all areas of higher cost and reduce them with a controlled process.

Customer specific warehousing frees up your high priced office space by having your items stored in our warehouse. Storage at the Formscorp warehouse also gives you a back- up supply if we are not counting your inventory.

Inventory control involves Formcorp coming monthly to your location - counting your products and creating a monthly report showing usage and estimated reorder points. This will help eliminate the possible problem of running out of necessary items and helps avoid costly rush orders.

We also get to know your inventory and the location of items. We often have clients call in and tell us they are out only to find out that the items are there and we let them know where they are. When it comes to your paper forms we constantly oversee the design and function of the form by seeing how the form is used and what changes could effectively make it a more productive document for your organization. With new technology impacting your daily business, it is difficult to maintain the integrity of the overall information system. We look at every aspect of your system to insure that all information flow is at its optimum with a watchful eye on new technologies.