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Labels - Stock & Custom

From standard address labels to complex application labels that need to withstand harsh conditions, we can provide virtually any label. These labels will be formatted to the system that is specific to your process. Packaging includes sheets, rolls, individually cut labels or customized to fit your special application needs.

Custom Labels: One of our most interesting projects seem to be custom label related. Whether we are designing a special package identification label, an extreme conditions label, simple attention getting labels or any number of other applications, we seem to find a new adventure and creative enjoyment in each label order we produce.The reward is your satisfaction, not only with the aesthetics of the label but we work hard prior to it ever being printed to make sure that the substrate that you are applying the label to will be compatible with the adhesive we have applied on the back of label and stay on!

Stock Labels: We provide an extensive line of stock labels in both continuous computer fed and laser compatible styles. We have many special stock labels - automotive AIGA labels, tamper proof price labels, a wide variety of colors, and many, many more. If you need it we probably can get it for you.

Bar Code Labels: We have a wide variety of pre-printed, thermal transfer labels available in stock formats. We supply labels with pre-printed bar coding or blank for your in house printing.Your bar code labels can receive special processing - wound-in, continuous formats, and other custom features your system may require.

Label/Document: "Working together for you!"
Label/document combinations have been used for a long time by many businesses to expedite handling of product shipment. The most familiar is the catalog companies that create shipping order/packing lists with labels for the outgoing shipment, and convenience labels for merchandise return. Label/document combinations have always been a more costly production item needing longer print runs to justify implementation. However, there are now standard configurations compatible with dot matrix and laser printers that can be purchased in quantities as low as 500, giving the time/cost savings benefits to all businesses.

Label/document combinations will:
  • Expedite document processing
  • Reduce computer time
  • Reduce clerical time
  • Eliminate form and label addressing mismatching
  • Reduce inventory

    Common label/document areas:
  • Shipping and warehousing
  • Sales lead/inquiry and fulfillment
  • Return authorization

    Call us for samples and other application ideas.