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Business Forms

Laser Compatible Forms: Using the correct papers and inks are as critical to a laser form as is the design to meet the variable print positions. We make sure that your laser form meets the criteria necessary for the best possible printing through your laser printer.

Continuous Computer Forms: Although the need for continuous forms has declined with the advent of the laser printers and electronic paperless forms, there are still many applications for the continuous form. Continuous forms provide efficiency in producing multiple part forms, forms with special need material like tag stock and a multitude of other applications. Formscorp has received many awards for our designs that focus on your process and what is best suited to accomplish your daily tasks in the most time and cost effective manner. Form to function is our strength.

Multiple Part Individual Forms: The classic manual business form has been, is and will be around for a long time. "Individual form sets (unit sets)", are firmly held together by means of a detachable glued stub or edge padding designed for easy separation and distribution of parts after entering the variable data. The classic uniqueness of the "unit set" creates additional parts that eliminate the need for costly photo copies and the elimination of the chance for transposition errors when taking information from one form to the another. Unit sets are available both custom and in a wide array of stock unit sets that can be imprinted in small quantities with your name, address, logo etc. We can also book your forms to provide easier handling.

Checks: Formscorp produces millions of checks per year for our clients with the understanding the security of these documents is paramount. We provide design suggestions for security features and check formats that are software compatible. All of our checks have the latest security features, are fully Check21 and software compatible.

Document Security: Checks are the primary users of security features that help in case of forgery or fraud. When adding at least three security features to your checks you provide "due diligence" and can offer defense against the unauthorized replication of your checks. We can provide many different security features to your checks like copy void backgrounds, flourescent fiber papers, simulated watermarks, microprinting, padlock icons and a many more features. It is not just checks that need security features. Other documents benefit also, like gift certificates, coupons, licenses, permits, and prescription forms.

Medical Forms: We have been involved with the medical community for over 30 years offering a full range of solutions to their paper handling needs. We have designed the total statement billing system, custom designed encounter forms, security prescription pads, Health Insurance Claim forms and many other medical documents. Our knowledge of ICD and CPT codes along with the flow of information that is needed in a health care facility, gives us an edge in making the proper system integration for your needs. Our clients range from a one doctor office to major teaching hospitals.